Friday, December 18, 2009

Winding Road December 2009

Winding Road December 2009
English | 196 Pages | 25MB | PDF

Winding Road is a digital automotive enthusiast magazine owned by NextScreen LLC, of Austin, Texas, which also publishes various consumer electronics related titles digitally and in print. Winding Road's monthly digital magazine focuses on enthusiast-oriented vehicles, and passionate drivers. serves as a companion site for the magazine, offering daily industry news, timely new car drive reviews, and rich Buyer's Guide resources for the in-market auto consumer. Winding Road is freely available to read in its online form, or can be had as an advertisement-free PDF file for purchase at

The magazine has been published continuously online since January of 2005, beginning life as the brainchild of NextScreen CEO Thomas B. Martin. In early 2006, Martin brought an instant dose of industry credibility to Winding Road by hiring David E. Davis Jr. in the role of Editor-In-Chief. Having spent decades at the helm of Car and Driver and Automobile Magazine, Davis brought the Winding Road editorial offices to Ann Arbor, MI. a greatly raised the profile of the digital publication. Davis stepped down as EIC in February of 2008, briefly taking the role of Editor Emeritus before moving on to other pursuits within the automotive realm.

Tom Martin currently serves at the top of Winding Road's masthead as Editorial Director, with Seyth Miersma as the Managing Editor, and Steven J. Ewing as Production Editor.



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